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I can help you create an empowering mindset and self-concept so you can release the mental-emotional blocks that prevent you from making healthy changes. 

My clients come to me because they are stuck in a self-sabotaging cycle. I'm teaching them methods and strategies that build motivation, get them out of procrastination, and strengthen their belief in themselves so they can take action and build a fulfilling and happy life. 

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Integrative Life Coaching

I'm a certified life coach, EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner as well as a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner. Having worked as a fitness trainer and nutritionist in the past I know how hard it can be to make changes, despite knowing what to do. I combine my knowledge of our mental, emotional and physical health and address habit and mindset changes using different EFT, NLP and life coaching techniques to uniquely help each client. 

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Free Ebook and Journal

A different approach to weight loss without shame, guilt or calorie restriction. This journal is full with proven exercises that will help you create a healthier self-image and gain confidence in your body and yourself so you can shed the weight you no longer need.

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Individual Coaching Packages

Choose your ideal coaching package based on your individual goals and schedule. I can help you gain clarity and momentum, set tangible action steps, hold you accountable and guide you from session to session.


Stop Emotional Eating

You’ll learn what’s making you want to eat, how to create motivation to make make lasting changes in your eating behavior and how you can work together with your body to minimize food cravings and lose weight.


Breaking Your Pattern

We'll take a deep dive into the beliefs, thoughts and emotions behind your self-sabotaging behaviors and then create a new, more empowering pattern that will help you build the life you desire.


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Val M.

Annett is an amazing life coach and a master of her craft. The moment I spoke with her, she provided me with a very safe space where I could freely express my thoughts without being judged. She made me feel welcome and heard. From my very session with her, I knew we would have a very fruitful relationship. I have big dreams and goals, and she is helping me make the necessary mindset shifts to get there. She is also helping me move past old traumas and mental stories that don't serve me anymore. I have been improving my life in leaps and bounds with her help. I love working with her and I can't stop being amazed at how she always knows what to say at the right time and what tools to use accordingly. Her email summaries and follow ups are very thorough and always contain additional exercises to practice at home. She provides so much value! I feel beyond grateful to work with her.


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